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Bachelor Pad - Season 1 Episode 1 - Pilot

At a ridiculously gorgeous mansion, Chris Harrison tells our old friend Tenley that she is the first-ever guest to step into the Bachelor Pad. Quite an honor! Others then filter in one-by-one. Many of these love seekers were on their respective Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons together but others like Nikki, Natalie, Peyton and Gwen come into the house without any ties. For now!

Genre: Drama , Reality-TV


Country: USA

Episode: 7/12 eps

Duration: 120 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2010

IMDb: 5.2

Season 3 - Bachelor Pad
"After a heated rivalry finally boils over and leaves the biggest alliance crumbling, a surprise elimination leaves everyone in the house shocked; the remaining participants must compete in a spelling bee; one-on-one dates at a hoedown."
"The remaining contestants struggle to keep their composure after a stressful week is thrown out the window following a shocking announcement; a handful of participants head out for 1-on-1 dates including tours of Los Angeles and back woods camping."
"The contestants attempt to correctly answer controversial questions about one another in hopes of winning a rose for the week, after which the first 1-on-1 dates take place; the women begin to fight as their connections with the men grow."
"The men attempt to overrule the women with cocky attitudes, which doesn't bode well for their upcoming dates; the fans try to regain footing after being targeted; after being shot down by her dream date, one lady finds love on the rebound."
"The men attempt to overrule the women with cocky attitudes, which don't bode well for their upcoming dates; two 3-on-1 dates leave strange match ups looking for love; a pre-dawn decision leaves everyone in the house reeling."
"In the third season of the Bachelor Pad, not only will 15 former characters from "The Bachelor" franchise return, but 5 additional "Super Fan" participants will be included in the house for another chance at love or to at least win $250,000."
Season 1 - Bachelor Pad