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Elena of Avalor - Season 3 Episode 17 - Episode 17

Genre: Animation , Adventure , Fantasy , Family , Musical

Director: Craig Gerber

Country: USA

Episode: 59/65 eps

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 5.1

Season 3 - Elena of Avalor
"Elena takes a trip to the Kingdom of Norberg to help their Queen resolve a dispute with a neighboring kingdom."
"Things go awry when newly-elected Magister of Trade, Julio, decides to host his first Feast of Friendship and ancient magic shrinks all of the royal attendees."
"On the day the new Chief of the Jaquins will be chosen, Migs must bring his three Jaquin kids to work."
"After Elena discovers that Hool used up her life force to repair her scepter, she risks everything to save her friend."
"Isabel tries to prove she's old enough to join Elena and her team when they set off on a mission to track down escaped villains Ash and Carla."
Season 2 - Elena of Avalor
Season 1 - Elena of Avalor