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30 Degrees in February

​From International Emmy Award-winning writer Anders Weidemann, compelling ten-part drama 30 Degrees in February follows a group of Swedes who've left the snow and cold of Scandinavia for the warm, sandy beaches of Thailand in the dead of winter. Why? To embark on a life-changing adventure, a fresh start and a new life, of course.
Season 1 - 30 Degrees in February
"After a tsunami ravages Thailand, the locals and the expats unite in solidarity. Last in series."
"Joy and Pong continue their romance, Majlis attempts to evade the police and Glenn contemplates his future."
"Joy and Pong plan to run away together, Glenn professes his love for Oh and the police grow increasingly suspicious of Majlis over Bengt's death."
"Glenn declares his love for Oh, while Majlis's world collapses when a shocking discovery is made."
"Bengt Jr confronts Majlis about his dad's disappearance, the police arrive at Happiness bungalows and Glenn may have found love."
"Majlis weighs up a moral dilemma, Glenn continues to receive help from Oh and the feud between Kajsa and Chang intensifies."
"Happiness Bungalows opens for business, Majlis and Bengt clash over their future and Glenn grows closer to Oh. Contains adult themes and distressing scenes from the outset."
"Majlis contemplates staying in Thailand, Chang and Kajsa clash over the future of the village and Glenn hits rock bottom."
"Chang clashes with Kajsa over the future of the bungalows, Glenn's marriage to local bar girl Kaa gets off to a rocky start and Bengt and Majlis contemplate their future."
"Award-winning, critically acclaimed Swedish drama following a diverse group of Swedes who have left icy Scandinavia behind for the warm, sandy beaches of Thailand."