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77 Sunset Strip

77 Sunset Strip is an hour-length American television private detective series created by Roy Huggins and starring Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., Roger Smith, and Edd Byrnes. The show was the subject of an ownership battle between Roy Huggins and Warner Brothers, which was the proximate cause of Huggins' departure from the studio. The series was based on novels and short stories written by Huggins prior to his arrival at Warner, but, as a matter of legal record, derived from a brief Caribbean theatrical release of its pilot, Girl on the Run. The show ran from 1958 to 1964.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1958

IMDb: 7.8

Season 6 - 77 Sunset Strip
"A Philadelphia heiress hires Stu to find her long-lost mother."
"Stu is hired to investigate a man's death at a dude ranch when his widow rejects the coroner's verdict of suicide."
"A woman hires Stu to protect her husband, an author on the verge of publishing a crime exposé, who has become the taget of an assassin while serving time himself."
"Stu babysits an 11-year-old mathematical genius in Vegas, not realizing his client is the key to breaking the casino."
"Eccentric millionaire Jerry Kenzie wants to remarry, and hires Stu to attend a meeting with his four ex-wives on his island retreat to negotiate alimony cutbacks—with deadly results."
"Politician Boss Gates hires Stu to clear his son Chuck, who is on death row for rape and murder but insists he was framed."
"Bailey is hired by the Clinton Paper Company to find Paul Keddy, an employee who has stolen a formula for a new product. Keddy needs money because he is being blackmailed; later, he is framed for murder. Bailey uncovers the blackmailing ring and identifies the murderer."
"Stu investigates a paternity case involving bulldozers and baseball when Antonio Malfi hires him to find the son he deserted years ago."
"Bailey is hired by his friend Diana to keep an eye on her husband, Charlie, so that he doesn't drink too much and lose his job. Charlie is then framed for murder by a colleague who wants his job, and Bailey must expose the murderer."
"A husband's anxieties about his wife's double life leads to a drug ring."
"Stu goes to New York to clear police lieutenant John Frazier, who is accused of corruption, but finds his client hates private detectives."
"Acquitted of murder, Max Dent confesses his guilt to his lawyer, who decides on vengeance."
"A woman hires Stu to get to the truth behind her daughter's near-fatal shooting."
"Bailey is hired by wealthy Constance Wingate to protect her brother, whose life is being threatened. In the course of his investigation, Bailey encounters big-time gamblers and a piano player who is being framed because he is in love with Constance."
"Stu's search for the owner of some oil-rich land in Oklahoma takes him to Connecticut, and a black man who is passing for white."
"Bailey's international search for murderers and missing treasure finally takes him back to New York for the startling conclusion."
"Bailey's continuing search for two murderers leads him all over Europe, through Holland to France and an ambush on the river Seine."
"Stu discovers that he may be hunting for two killers rather than just one, but broadening his search results in two attempts to kill him, and his search for answers leads him to Italy."
"Questioning various artists for clues to the killing, Bailey finds only further confusion in a mysterious blonde and a missing painting."
"Stu's quest to solve the hit-and-run murder of an art collector's brother takes him to Europe and the Middle East. (Part 1 of 5)"
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