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Almost There

Jackson Cooper is a handsome, eternally single psychiatrist living in New York City. Serial dating and workaholic behavior have successfully helped him avoid long-term commitments, until he meets the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately he fails to get her name, number or any other information...

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 0.5

Season 1 - Almost There
"Coop and Natalie attempt an actual date, but when they return to Coop's apartment all hell breaks loose. Carter loses Zoe. Sophie needs help working things out with Jeremy, and Diane goes into labor."
"After an unexpected development in her personal life, Sophie gets drunk at work on the day of the department gala. Coop rushes to cover for her and in the process encounters the event planner, Natalie."
"Carter hires Holly's sister Zoe to assist him with his latest project, his memoir. Shadrach has a run in with a bully. Coop tries to take his therapist, Ira's advice and put his past to rest by squaring things with his ex-fiance, Lisa."
"After a wild night, Coop and Carter both wake up with unwanted company. Coop's colleagues question his odd behavior. Carter tries to settle things with his high school sweetheart."
"Coop and Sophie go to a psychology dept. retreat at the home of the dept. head, Dr. Harty, who also happens to be Scarlet's father. Carter returns to his childhood home and is forced to juggle his overbearing mother, Kitty, and his first love, Holly."
"Coop gives dating advice to a hapless British colleague and relationship advice to Sophie. Carter adopts a ferret. Coop spots Natalie."
"Coop's latest hookup, Amy, becomes more than he can handle when she keeps turning up unexpectedly. Carter finds himself in a jam."
"Coop makes a last ditch effort to find Natalie using a private detective with questionable methods. Carter and Shadrach do some damage control when they break Coop's television."
"Coop and Carter resort to social media to find Natalie, while his nosy neighbor Diane disapproves of their tactics. Carter helps Diane's nephew, Shadrach, with a personal problem. Coop's assistant, Sophie, hires an event planner."
"Psychology Professor Jackson Cooper Coop encounters a beautiful mystery woman, Natalie, he thinks could be his soulmate. After she disappears without giving Coop her full name or number, his best friend Carter tries to help him locate her."