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American Koko

Akosua Millard, codenamed "Koko", investigates and solves sticky racial situations in a post post-racial America as a member of the E.A.R. Agency (Everybody's A little bit Racist). As she and her team of specialists tackle cases, she herself is trying to reconcile the trauma of her past that has led to outbursts of her Angry Black Woman syndrome. It gets in the way of her work...and more importantly, her dating life as her latest boyfriend may be the downfall to her and the agency!

Duration: NA

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7.7

Season 2 - American Koko
"Koko grapples with the team's findings and realizes she may have missed an important clue."
"Koko cooks up a dangerous, new plan to nail Williamson once and for all."
"The Williamson case goes cold while Koko's relationship with Kwan heats up."
"The EAR Agents begin their investigation of Williamson and Koko goes on a first date with the Irate-Ass Asian."
"An unexpected visit from national headline John Williamson lands Koko back in her 'Angry Black Woman' support group where she struggles with the decision of whether or not to take on a case that could make or break her career."
Season 1 - American Koko