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Barney Miller

Barney Miller is an American situation comedy television series set in a New York City police station in Greenwich Village. The series originally was broadcast from January 23, 1975 to May 20, 1982 on ABC. It was created by Danny Arnold and Theodore J. Flicker. Noam Pitlik directed the majority of the episodes.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1975

IMDb: 7.7

Season 8 - Barney Miller
"Friends, foes and felons alike drop by to pay their last respects as the detectives prepare to leave for new assignments; Harris contemplates his resignation when he's assigned to Flushing Meadows; Barney recalls friends departed before he turns out the squad room lights for the last time."
"The 12th Precinct is sold; Dietrich arrests the head of a crime school; Luger tries to duck out on his mail-order bride."
"Wojo's discover of an ancient weapon puts the 12th Precinct up for sale."
"A museum presses charges when an Indian retrieves his tribe's ancestral bones from an exhibit; a scoutmaster catches a mugger."
"Harris and Arnold come to blows; a mugging victim confesses to a twenty-five year old crush on Barney."
"Dietrich's old flame pays a visit; a former child actor clubs an agent with a telephone."
"Internal Affairs is called in when a charge of excessive force is leveled against Wojo; an angry parent takes action when his child is declined admission into an exclusive kindergarten."
"A newspaper obituary causes a stir when the subject turns up alive; the detectives snag a modern-day chicken thief."
"Luger's mail-order bride arrives; an elderly woman mugs a man."
"Dietrich aids an elderly psychiatric patient who may be speaking a foreign language; a nuclear activist goes on a hunger strike to end nuclear arms; Barney declines a deputy inspector nomination."
"Unless he confesses soon, Harris and Dietrich's unwilling roommate may witness another murder. Meanwhile, harassment charges are pressed against Lieutenant Scanlon."
"A murder witness is uncooperative, so he, Harris and Dietrich are forced to share an apartment in seclusion until he talks; Lieutenant Scanlon falls for a wealthy mugging victim."
"Street clowns fall prey to a serial mugger; a hundred inmates are sneaked out of holding in the middle of the night."
"The detectives don uniforms while Levitt and the others take sergeant's exams; Luger, working with the squad, is overly rough with a collar, and later with Barney."
"The penultimate survivor of a tontine attempts suicide in order to concede the money to his cousin."
"The 12th is overrun with homeless vagrants on Christmas; a greeting-card writer snaps; a cattle prod is the weapon of choice for a local merchant."
"A manufacturer of computer game processors is accused of espionage; a WAC supplements her income on the street."
"A job fair brings out the worst in a Peace Corps recruiter; Dietrich volunteers for a department stress experiment."
"A husband is assaulted for forcing his wife into designer jeans; a disorderly conduct report leads to a man who swears he's possessed by an evil spirit."
"A car thief's conscience gets the better of him ... after twenty-five years; Levitt saves a child from a precarious fate; an overzealous sanitation officer goes to extremes."
"Luger wants Barney to pen a letter for his mail-order bride; a lottery winner seeks revenge when the ticket seller loses his winning entry; Harris gets a new book deal."
"Wojo's proven innocent of a paternity suit, but at a cost; a beauty queen is robbed; an irate theater patron vandalizes the theater."
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