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Ben 10: Omniverse

Ben 10: Omniverse is an American animated television series currently airing on Cartoon Network, in the United States. The series is the fourth installment in the Ben 10 franchise. Man of Action created the franchise. The series was announced at Cartoon Network's Upfront in 2011. Concept art, described as an homage to the original Ben 10 series, designed by Derrick J. Wyatt was first unveiled at the 2012 UK Toy Fair. The series premiered on September 22, 2012, with a "sneak episode" that aired on August 1, 2012. A "sneak peek" of the series aired after "Ben 10 Week". The show has been on hiatus since April 2013, and new episodes are scheduled to return on 5 October.

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 6.8

Season 8 - Ben 10: Omniverse
"Ben and Rook follow Maltruant through the time stream. Ben has an adventure with George Washington, in 1773, fighting Maltruant and Vilgax. After defeating Vilgax, Ben and Rook chase Maltruant in the time stream to the beginning of time itself onto the starship of the Contemelia (the creators of the Annihilaarg) where Maltruant attempts to create a universe of his own using his own Anihilaarg. In a climactic battle, at the beginning of time Ben nearly dies trying to stop Maltruant from building his own universe but then it is revealed that the Omnitrix has a fail-safe to prevent its keeper from dying."
"The Time War races towards its dramatic conclusion, with the fate of the entire universe and everything in it since the very beginning of time resting in the hands of Ben 10!"
"Ben fights for his wife on an alien reality show."
"Ben finally manages to rid himself of Skurd... just when he needs the Slime-Biot most."
"While Rook is stuck on graveyard shift at Plumber HQ, his sensei Kundo returns as a cyborg to purge the galaxy of technological influence."
"Charmcaster traps Gwendolyn in Ledgerdomain to exact her revenge once and for all."
"Ben and Rook join Kai Green on a perilous alien relic hunt through South America."
"Ben, Skurd, and Rook find themselves caught in an endless time loop as enemies from the future converge on Bellwood."
"Khyber, aided by a booger-like Slimebiote named Skurd, attacks Ben & co, but the tables turn when Skurd gloms onto Ben!"
"11-year-old Ben, Gwen, and friends go on the adventure of a lifetime in their own backyard."
Season 7 - Ben 10: Omniverse
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