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Bergerac is a British television show set on Jersey. Produced by the BBC in association with the Seven Network, and first screened on BBC1, it stars John Nettles as the title character Detective Sergeant Jim Bergerac, a detective in Le Bureau des Étrangers, part of the States of Jersey Police.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1981

IMDb: 7.5

Season 9 - Bergerac
"Charlie recommends that Jim be hired to protect a priceless set of sixteen Chinese figures called Lohans. Despite Jim's vigilance they are stolen and as he investigates their true ownership is brought into question."
"The mysterious Hapgood invites Bergerac to a lonely castle in Brittany. He wishes to hire Bergerac as a bodyguard and also to investigate threats on his life. Full recap: When someone fires a volley of shots at them whilst Hapgood is out painting, the result is the termination of Bergerac's services. Undaunted Jim continues his own investigation and via some gossip from Charlie, he forces Hapgood to admit the truth. He is a former assassin who has ""turned his back on the game."" He is being targeted by his replacement, who wishes to remove him from the game permanently. Hapgood hopes to persuade the assassin to follow his lead and see the light. Late at night the assassin attacks but Hapgood inadvertently kills him during a struggle. When the police arrive the next morning, Hapgood is haunted by Bergerac's earlier words, that he will never know who the next assassin will be."
"When Jim is asked by one of Charlie's friends to find his wife, he tracks her down at a strange sect in England who believe in the existence of Atlantis."
"Employed to look into companies seeking trade licences in Jersey, Bergerac finds more than he expects. Danielle is convinced that his life is in danger but nobody will believe her."
"Business is not too good for Bergerac, so when Charlie is invited to France to attend the 80th birthday party of an old friend, he accepts the job of chauffeur. When a necklace goes missing, and unwelcome family secrets are uncovered, the party turns out to be more eventful than he imagined."
"When Hungerford is offered the deal of a lifetime by an American, he starts to get suspicious and asks Jim to look into it. Meanwhile, the American's daughter wants her father to be abducted so he can be sent back to the US to stand trial for her mother's murder."
"Bergerac Private Investigation-- discretion guaranteed. An ad in the local Jersey paper gets Jim a client he would rather not handle and a murder he does not expect. Meanwhile, Charlie gets involved in a charity appeal for a war hero."
"Bergerac is conned by Charlie into looking after a house in Provence and baby-sitting for two willful young girls while their parents are in Milan. He then finds himself caught up in a drug operation."
"Bergerac is summonsed back to Jersey, where Charlie persuades him to help a friend find his missing wife. But there is another player in the game that Jim hasn't counted on."
"When Jim and Danielle are at a party in France, they witness a shooting, shortly before seeing somebody running off. Jim decides to put his detective skills to use and investigates, desperate to find the missing link."
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