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Blue Collar Millionaires

This docuseries profiles big personalities who have gotten rich by getting their hands dirty.

Genre: Reality-TV

Actor: Omar Soliman


Country: USA

Duration: NA

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 0.5

Season 2 - Blue Collar Millionaires
"An engineer whose amazing hidden doors are the secret to his success; an Arizona man who turned fake grass into real green; a disaster repair specialist who hit rock bottom twice before helping others build a better life."
"A salesman who came out of retirement to build a multi-million-dollar tire empire; a second-generation builder who overcame a family tragedy and created a financial triumph; two best friends who turned a printer into a nine-figure cash machine."
"An Alaska transplant who turned ivory tusks into a mammoth fortune; a Filipino immigrant whose high-tech delivery service drives up profits; a former race car mechanic whose discount home goods store put him on the road to riches."
"An Idaho man whose custom tow trucks haul in millions a year; an oil-and-gas expert who uses her mineral-mining know-how to pump out big profits; a former Marine whose moving company has made him a true soldier of fortune."
"A musician turned chimney sweep; a Hawaiian couple whose high-end ukuleles bought them their own island paradise; a former janitor who went from shining floors to shipping petroleum."
"Husband-and-wife construction magnates who went from eating out of their parents' pantries to making ice-cream runs by private plane; a former street racer whose high-performance parts make cars fast; a house painter's all-cash business."
"A married couple who turned $20,000 in savings into a multi-million dollar towing empire; two best buds who cashed in on the green rush; a teacher from Atlanta who traded reading and writing for roofing and riches."
"A junkyard giant who went from living in an old clunker to making millions selling them; a fed-up mom who turned her family's messes into a thriving furniture business; husband-and-wife alligator hunters."
"A thrill-seeking Texan goes from laying cable to living large; an asphalt company employee whose honesty and integrity takes her from secretary to CEO; a custom car king whose automobile art puts his earnings into overdrive."
Season 1 - Blue Collar Millionaires