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Guy's Grocery Games

Guy Fieri sends four talented chefs running through the aisles in a high stakes, high skills, grocery store cooking competition. The chefs are hit by real-world challenges like finding workarounds when all the essential ingredients are suddenly "out-of-stock" or having to create a masterpiece when you can only cook with "5 items or less" or on a $10 budget. In the end, the food does the talking, as the last chef standing has the chance to make some serious dough!

Genre: Reality-TV , Game-Show , Reality

Actor: Guy Fieri , Troy Johnson


Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 2.8

Season 23 - Guy's Grocery Games
"No one loved a good laugh more than GGG judge Carl "The Cuban" Ruiz. In honor of Carl's love for hijinks, Guy Fieri has invited six of his closest Flavortown judges to join him for April Fools' Day pranks as they remember The Cuban's funniest GGG moments. They make spicy dishes that drove Carl nuts while shoplifting all their ingredients wearing baseball caps and glasses! Then, they have to flip a Cuban sandwich into a celebration dinner while shopping blindfolded. Surprise guests show up to guide them, and the winners earn money for a new culinary foundation in Chef Carl's honor. We miss you, Carl. Pinkies out."
"Ultimately, the food does the talking, as one-by-one the losing chefs “check out,” by a rotating panel of judges that includes Melissa d’Arabian, Richard Blais, G. Garvin, Troy Johnson, Catherine McCord, Aarti Sequeira, among others. The last chef standing goes on a shopping spree of a lifetime worth up to $20,000!"
"Guy Fieri goes wild combining his brand of food trivia with his favorite culinary games. The four competitors are out to prove that they're great chefs who also know a lot about food. First, they're hit with a barrage of international food questions they must answer correctly to earn enough cash to shop for their upscale dinner. Then, Guy allows the chefs to remove not-so-desirable ingredients from their baskets by correctly answering another series of culinary trivia questions. Ultimately, the chef who succeeds in combining their cooking chops and food smarts will get to put up to $20,000 in their cart."
"Four pie-pros compete in two plus-sized rounds of mouth-watering pizzas. First, Guy Fieri challenges the chefs to make not one, but two pizzas using only what they can fit into an empty pizza box. Then, he doubles down again by asking them to make a sweet pizza and a savory one, both featuring a very special ingredient. The chef who has the best slice will go on to shop for a chance at $20,000."
"Money is no object for the four competing chefs as Guy Fieri declares it's High-Roller Night in Flavortown. First, Guy turns the GGG classic budget battle on its head by demanding the chefs spend over $60 when making their signature high-end dinner. Then, he makes a list of top-shelf items for the chefs to use when making their decadent dish. Finally, the chef who can make a whole dinner with nothing but high-cost ingredients will be dubbed Flavortown's Biggest Spender and go on to shop the aisles for up to $20,000."
"In a world of convenience food, four scratch chefs show Guy Fieri what happens when convenience goes out the window. They have to make each component in their dishes entirely from scratch, like bread for their soup-and-sandwich combo. They're at their best when they go all out with their signature dish in the second round. When all is said and done, one scratch chef will win over the judges' hearts and go on to shop Flavortown for up to $20,000."
"Guy Fieri challenges four chefs to improvise as they make family favorites without any of the key ingredients. Saucy spaghetti and meatballs, tasty tacos and a comfort food classic are all determined by Guy's wheel. In the end, only one chef will make it through the competition with the ultimate bragging rights and up to $20,000 in their pocket."
"Most married couples consider their kids their babies, but these couples also consider their restaurants their babies. Guy Fieri puts their culinary skills -- and relationships -- to the test with a pair of challenges that they must work together to overcome. In round one, Guy sends one spouse shopping, leaving the other behind with a list of key date night dinner ingredients to relay to their partner over the phone. Then, the pair that makes a winning version of their restaurant's best dish with a limited number of ingredients goes on a Flavortown shopping spree worth up to $20,000."
"Guy Fieri brings in chefs representing cuisines from all around the world to team up and fuse their cultures' flavors together in delicious, cohesive and win-worthy dishes. He surprises them by revealing their partners, and then the teams create their be."
"It's cold outside, but the competition is heating up in the market as Guy Fieri welcomes back three previous GGG winners to compete in his winter-themed games. The chefs are all confident that they can win again, but they have to outlast each other."
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