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Hipp hipp!

Hipphipp! is a Swedish comedy sketch show that ran for two seasons on SVT - First in 2001 and then in 2003. It also spawned a live-show and a four-part Christmas special. A film about Morgan Pålsson and Robert Flycht had its premiere in late February 2008. The show was created by and primarily stars the duo of Anders Jansson and Johan Wester. Many characters and concepts evolved from stage shows that the pair performed during the 1990s.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Johan Wester , Anders Jansson


Country: Sweden

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2001

IMDb: 8.5

Season 3 - Hipp hipp!
"Tony and Zunker record the TV show "No one is home" and shows the basics of how to go about doing burglaries. The Library Zombie meets his colleagues at the library where he will work to train and Itzhak has been visited by his friend, Professor Buxtehude, and discuss the conditions in order to fit in a symphony orchestra."
"JO makes valiant attempts to follow her therapist's advice to engage in "alone time on the couch" - without further success. Tony and Zunker, engaging in international trade and geography, but some language problems and cultural differences make the situation complicated. Meeting enthusiast and democratic Dragan puts forward new proposals to their less enthusiastic colleagues. Tiffany reports on the response given to his video blog and Morgan Pålsson deliver a new debate program on exclusionary attitudes."
"Kajan has cleared the garage, rented trailer and traveled to the tip. Tony and Zunken gets assistance of Knut Knutson at "Antique Round" to value any object they come across. JO tries to get time to suffice and guard Kim Anderson gives a guided tour of his job and shows some professional secrets. We see again mountain climbers Bjorn and Thorvald and Tiffany Persson who started a video blog from her laundry."
Season 2 - Hipp hipp!
Season 1 - Hipp hipp!