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Life on Top


Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2009

IMDb: 8.7

Season 2 - Life on Top
"In the Season Two finale, Tippi makes a decision about Peter. At Club 80, a surprising mutual attraction develops as another person leaves. Meanwhile, Vincent plans a big surprise for Bella; and Regina realizes she has one more item on her sexual bucket list."
"Sexy new bartender Nikki sparks erotic fantasies in men and women alike...but who will win her heart? Meanwhile, Elizabeth starts receiving sexy texts from a secret admirer."
"Regina learns she is dating a 'good luck Chuck'--a guy whose exes all marry the next guy they date. Meanwhile, Doug battles his 'nice guy' status; 'ring girl' Bella fears that Vincent is getting too serious; and Melissa wants to stop being 'rebound girl.'"
"A power outage brings the truth to light; secrets about hook-ups, cheating and hidden desires are revealed at Club 80; Avi and the Venticap team must decide whether or not to follow through on their spying venture."
"Avi's ex-wife becomes a Venticap client leading to some passionate "ex-sex"; Tippi decides to break up with Peter so they can make up later; Bella is pursued by a guy who rejected her in junior high school and still regrets it."
"With help from Melissa, Regina gets creative in an effort to complete her sexual bucket list before her 30th birthday."
"Doug takes a chance with a sexy guest DJ; Bella and Vincent get one with nature - and with each other - during a weekend in the country with a free-spirited former model and her husband. Melissa thinks that Edward might be attracted to her."
"Melissa helps a college friend plan her wedding with help from the gang; Bella and Vincent grow closer working on the romantic wedding photos; and a former classmate in town for the wedding reveals an old crush on Melissa"
"When Elizabeth cuts her budget, Melissa falls back on Ladies Night to fill the club. But disaster looms due to a printer error on the flyer that promises free drinks and male entertainment. Can Melissa get by with a little help from her friends. When she finally realises herself its to late to adjust."
"Regina and the girls discovers the food that Lena had prepared for them has aphrodisiac properties."
"Bella, Melissa, Regina and Parisian visitor Lena bet on who can maintain their "vajazzle" the longest. Regina is tempted by a sexy graffiti artist; Lena sizzles with a French chef; Bella's paper on the "inner animal" leads to a lusty debate with her professor; and Melissa spies a couple of club co-workers in a secret tryst."
"Melissa becomes curious about her "inner animal" after Bella provides her with a theory on a person's expression during orgasm. A hot new receptionist brings out the beasts in Avi and Peter; Bella's world collides with a cute guy on her way to class."
"In the Season Two premiere, Bella explores her options for her career and her love life. Meanwhile, her roommate Melissa lands a gig as a party promoter at a new club; Regina discovers her old sexual bucket list and decides to check off a few more items; and Bella is intrigued by Vincent's new workout regimen."
Season 1 - Life on Top