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Maverick is an American Western television series with comedic overtones created by Roy Huggins. The show ran from September 22, 1957 to July 8, 1962 on ABC and stars James Garner as Bret Maverick, an adroitly articulate cardsharp. Eight episodes into the first season, he was joined by Jack Kelly as his brother Bart, and from that point on, Garner and Kelly alternated leads from week to week, sometimes teaming up for the occasional two-brother episode. The Mavericks were poker players from Texas who traveled all over the American Old West and on Mississippi riverboats, constantly getting into and out of life-threatening trouble of one sort or another, usually involving money, women, or both. They would typically find themselves weighing a financial windfall against a moral dilemma. More often than not, their consciences trumped their wallets since both Mavericks were intensely ethical. When Garner left the series after the third season due to a legal dispute, Roger Moore was added to the cast as their cousin Beau Maverick. Robert Colbert appeared later in the fourth season as a third Maverick brother, Brent Maverick. No more than two of the series leads ever appeared together in the same episode, and usually only one.

Genre: Comedy , Western

Actor: James Garner , Jack Kelly


Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1957

IMDb: 8

Season 2 - Maverick
"Bret accompanies a beautiful singer (Peggy King) on a search for her missing husband and finds himself falling helplessly in love."
"Keeping cool during a stage holdup, Bart catches a twinkle of recognition between his lovely traveling companion (Pat Crowley) and one of the outlaws."
"Bret Maverick suspicions are aroused when he is forced to leave Ten Strike, New Mexico. Determined to stand his ground, Maverick stays in Ten Strike long enough to uncover a bizarre plot of murder and blackmail. Two gunmen, Vic Nolan (Adam West) and Eddie Burke (William Gordon), try to scare Maverick out of town."
"A pair of con artists, Bart and an old girl friend survive a hazardous stagecoach ride and reach Fort Doom — where their troubles begin."
"In a high-stakes poker game, Bart wins stock in a railroad — and finds himself on the track to a colossal headache."
"Bret and his buddy Waco Williams (Wayde Preston) ride straight into trouble in Bent City, where they are suspected of being cattle rustlers."
"After losing his money in a bank robbery, Bart invests in a get-rich-quick deal with a beautiful — but not-so-dumb — blonde."
"Bret Maverick finds himself caught in a deadly love triangle with a lovely woman (Abby Dalton) and a young gunman (Clint Eastwood)."
"Lydia Linley is a young heiress who yearns for a man like Sydney Carton of A Tale of Two Cities - ""a man of warmth, imagination, courage, and a sense of adventure."" Jack Vandergelt III (Roger Moore) is in love with Lydia but knows she will have nothing to do with him because he is rich. Vandergelt hires Bret Maverick to switch identities with him in hopes that Lydia will love and accept him for who he is before she realizes he is a Vandergelt. The plan goes smoothly until Jack Vandergelt's father unexpectedly arrives in town."
"Bret and Bart's devotion to one another is tested when they're offered a deal that can mean $10,000 for one of them — but just one."
"Bret, seeking buried Confederate treasure in Elwood, Kansas, keeps running afoul of U.S. Marshal Mort Dooley. The marshal keeps running Bret out of town. Bret, in turn, keeps outwitting the lawman."
"Bret and Bart are pursuing the same woman. What's the attraction? The $10,000 she copped from them."
"After scuffling with a pal over a dancer, Bart must do some fancy footwork to escape his plight: he's accused of murdering his friend."
"After he's cheated in a crooked card game, Bret tries to even the score by beating his opponent — and the odds — in a horse race."
"Bart is a helpless victim of his charms. Two scheming women are after him: one wants to murder for his love; the other just wants to murder him."
"Bret tries to help a pair of star-crossed lovers whose feuding families have taken him prisoner."
"Bret, helpless against a crafty banker (John Dehner) who robbed him, bides his time — while Bart and friends set up an elaborate con game."
"A case of mistaken suitcases unfolds into political warfare, leaving Bart the unhappy target of ruthless killers."
"Good-hearted Bret lends a pal $200 for an ""honest"" transaction — which lands the pal in jail."
"Bart tails a pretty cancan dancer who stole his money — only to find himself being followed by two very sinister characters."
"In Mexico, Bret tries to trick an American renegade into returning to the U.S. — where he's wanted for murder."
"Bart Maverick and two of his friends are charged with murder. The town's citizens demand a confession from one of the three men, or else all three men will be prosecuted. Bart falsely confesses to the murder, but help from his friend Dandy Jim Buckley exonerates him from the crime."
"In a desert, Bret and a hunting party are ambushed — and left to fight a blazing sun."
"Bart meets a gentleman after his own heart — who skips town with his money, and leaves him to face a murder rap and a man-hungry female (Arlene Howell)."
"Bret falls for the tempting trickery of a pretty woman (Joanna Barnes) — and finds himself helplessly involved in a swindle."
"Bret attends a hanging under very uncomfortable conditions: he's the intended victim."
Season 1 - Maverick