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Milo Murphy’s Law

Milo Murphy is the personification of Murphy’s Law where anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Suffering from Extreme Hereditary Murphy’s Law condition (EHML), Milo always looks to make the best of the cards he’s been dealt and his endless optimism and enthusiasm can turn any catastrophe into a wild adventure. Together, he and his friends will learn that it’s all about a positive attitude and not to sweat the big stuff… and it’s all big stuff.
Season 2 - Milo Murphy’s Law
"Everything changes as the circle around Murphy grows, Cavendish and Dakota find a new vocation, and the fate of two worlds hangs in the balance. Only together can Milo and his steadily growing group of friends prevent the greatest disaster."
"Milo and his friends get support from Phineas and Ferb and other familiar faces from Danville in eliminating the chaos triggered by Murphy's Law."
"Aliens try to get the DNA of a sick Milo while Diogee works hard to prevent it."
"Doofenshmirtz wants to learn how to be good and shadows Milo for an entire day."
"Melissa enters a mentoring program with weather agent Savannah."
"Milo and the gang volunteer to help Zack with farm chores to prove he’s not a city boy."
"Amanda decides to become the manager of Milo’s band, and helps the foursome prepare for a concert in the park."
"Milo, Zack, and Melissa try to save the City Hall’s clock that Melissa’s great grandmother designed."
"Milo’s parents have one last chance to fulfill their dream of becoming Disco Dance Champions on roller skates before the skating rink closes down."
"Sarah gets annoyed by Doofenshmirtz spending all his time at the Murphy house and wants him to get out and do more."
"Milo convinces Tobias Trollhammer to dress up as a woman in his newest Krillhunter movie."
"Amanda and Milo are chosen to compete on a kids’ extreme baking TV show. Will Murphy’s Law ruin Amanda’s lifelong dream of winning the competition?"
"Murphy’s Law wreaks havoc at a charity stock car race."
"Milo, Melissa, and Zack try to finish a boardgame for the first time in Milo’s life."
"Diogee is mistaken for a secret agent."
"It’s Picture Day at school and Milo can’t seem to get a single good portrait."
"Scott the Undergrounder gets a date with Milo’s science teacher, Miss Murawski."
"Milo and Zack encounter dangerous, snow-related obstacles on their way to school."
"Milo and his friends meet up with Phineas and Ferb to help them make a new time machine. Can they stop Derek and his pistachions from taking over the world?"
Season 1 - Milo Murphy’s Law