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North of 60

North of 60 is a mid-1990s Canadian television series depicting life in the sub-Arctic northern boreal forest. It first aired on CBC Television in 1992 and was syndicated around the world. It is set in the fictional community of Lynx River, a primarily Native-run town depicted as being in the Dehcho Region, Northwest Territories. Most of the characters were Dene. Some non-native characters had important roles: the restaurant/motel owner, the band manager, the nurse and the town's main RCMP officer. The show explored themes of Native poverty, alcoholism, cultural preservation and conflict over land settlements and natural resource exploitation. Originally somewhat light-hearted, it quickly became a more dramatic and ponderous series.
Season 6 - North of 60
"Sarah finds out the reason why Albert does not wants to have an important operation. Teevee gets sidetracked while he's hiking to his father's cabin. Gerry Kisilenko receives a letter that might change his future forever. Albert asks Joe Gomba for a big favour…"
"Michelle returns back home and Charlie is happy but in the same time sad because Michelle does not wants to quit her dangerous job. Harris researched the town to find a perfect person that will perform a ceremony that would help Lois. Michelle's mysterious shooter is still unknown."
"The mysterious person who killed Michelle is still unknown, and Teevee is still missing. Albert is pressured to keep his promise for a new water sistem after he finds out that a health inspector is threating Gerry to close his restaurant because of contamination. Lois goes through some hard time because Teevee's missing…"
"James Harper and Inspector Cormier are still triing to find out who was Michelle's attcker. Teevee dissapers what giuves them even more work to do. Gerry volunteers to be Jesse's godfather…"
"After Michelle has been shot, inspector Cormier shows up at Lynx River to resolve that mystery. He has some suspicions about Harper because he was not with Michelle when the whole thing happened. Tevee has some business with the oil company again and finds out that Joe Gome and some other people may be displaced. As the whole thing revolves, Teevee finally finds out who is the big Lynx River Resources boss. Sarah wants to tell Nathan Golo that her unborn baby is his…"
"Harper presurres Michelle again so shww would give him a transfer. He also tries trick Teevee and Nathan into a location of the rifle where Albert may be murdered…"
"Elsie Tsa Che has a plan for new water system and there she becomes involved with Teevee who also has some plans of his with the bad council. Leon tries to be back closer with Rosie. Nathan dissapears again…"
"Sarah gets little more closer with Martin Walker. In the meantime, Peter is all stressed because of the upcoming visit from legislative race. Leon gets an unxepected visit from someone…"
"James Harper gets a visit from his father, Jack Harper who tries to pressure Michelle so she would give James a transfer and also gives peter a great offer. Harris' head is full with preparations for his baby's arrival."
"A Revenue Canada agent shows up at lynx River and Peter tries to avoid him. Michelle is very slow with arresting Albert Golo what gets Joe, Nathan and James Harper frustrated…"
"Teevee has some business to do with Gerry and he tries to convince him to invest in a possibly hot stock. Peter brings one of his old friends, Harry Dobbs to take control of town's cash flow. Joe Gomba goes to hospital to check himself up…"
"Brenda returns back to Lynx River and has a big hope to stay with Bertha and Teevee. Teevee has some job to do with clearing the trees and he gets into a little trouble…"
"Sarah is concinced that she sees Albert and it scares her. Const. James Harper thinks that Michelle is leaving the force, but later Michelle returns back to Lynx River, so he is taken aback."
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