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Ready or Not

Ready or Not is a Canadian teen drama series which aired on the Showtime Movie Channel and later on the Disney Channel and Global Television Network for 5 seasons and 65 episodes between 1993 and 1997 in both Canada and the United States.

Duration: 24 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1993

IMDb: 7.7

Season 5 - Ready or Not
"Amanda reveals to Busy that she's moving out West before school starts. Busy is extremely shocked at the thought of this, as she realises this could mean the end of their wonderful friendship. Amanda gives Busy a ring which used to belong to her grandmother, as a sign of their eternal friendship. The girls are on their way to a Warehouse Party, which Amanda is excited to go to, if only to be able to say goodbye to her friends and to Milan. Once at the party, Amanda inadvertantly sees Milan and another girl kissing. Although Milan and Amanda had split up, the sight of her ex-boyfriend kissing someone else upsets Amanda, and so Amanda runs away and tries to leave the party. Meanwhile, Busy finds out that she has lost the ring Amanda gave to her, and does not know how to break the news to Amanda. As the girls try leaving via an old elevator, the elevator malfunctions, and the girls naturally become frightened. Soon, the elevator plummets downwards, resulting in hospital beds for both Am"
"Milan and Amanda break up."
"Amanda gets caught up with a new friend who's into protesting but when she takes it too far, Amanda realizes she's losing Milan."
"Busy gets involved in her own Romeo and Juliet situation when she meets a young man who runs a rival hot dog cart and learns their fathers have a past together."
"Amanda and Busy prepare for graduation from 9th grade and into pending adulthood. Meanwhile, Amanda tries to reconnect with her father."
"When Carla is killed in a car accident, Amanda and Busy try to come to terms with their own grief, including whether Amanda should continue Carla's role as Juliet in the play, ""Romeo and Juliet""."
"Amanda and Busy both have important decisions to make when they learn that they can choose to apply to several high schools, which could mean they'd be going to different schools next year."
"Busy decides between Ernie and Jonah"
"When Amanda's grades start to fail, her mom decides that her drama group must go and Amanda attempts to sneak around and still be in the play."
"Busy, determined to make enough money to buy Stephen's keyboard, competes with Sag for a job at a record store."
"When Amanda promises to spend a whole day babysitting Stephen's young daughter, Phoebe, she really would rather be at her drama group, and goes to extremes to do that instead, much to Phoebe's dismay."
"When Busy rescues a fellow student from drowning, and gets her fifteen minutes of fame, she's appalled when she learns the girl staged the whole thing for the attention. Meanwhile, Amanda tries out for a youth drama company."
"When Dom flunks out of college, it's up to Busy to help him come home and tell their parents the truth."
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