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Rusty Rivets

A boy and his best friend, a robotic dinosaur, use machine parts to create gadgets.

Genre: Animation , Sci-Fi , Family , Comedy , Kids

Actor: Ava Preston , Kyle Breitkopf


Country: Canada

Duration: 11 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 8

Season 2 - Rusty Rivets
"Rusty and Ruby accidentally shrink down with Rusty's latest invention, then must fight their way across the yard to size themselves back up; after a giant mama bird adopts Liam, Rusty and Ruby must rescue him."
"The bots catch a virus and wreak havoc with their aggressive sneezes; Bytes accidentally tunnels his way into a mine."
"Rusty, Ruby and TigerBot help a stranded baby giraffe in the desert; Rusty, Ruby and Tigerbot must save Botasaur when he runs off into the jungle."
"Bytes and some of the Bits accidentally go on a wild ride in a runaway sled; Rusty and Ruby make Officer Carl a giant blueberry pie."
"Rusty builds his Mom the ultimate relaxing chair, but whenever it hears any noise, it runs away and raises high into the sky; Rusty and Ruby try to save the Wake Up and Smell the Roses Contest."
"When Mr. Higgins accidentally knocks the power out all over town, Rusty has to save Ruby's surprise birthday party; Rusty and Ruby try to rescue Ninja Fish's kids, who are trapped inside a shipwreck by a giant octopus."
"Rusty and the Pirates of Sparkton Hills Rusty and Ruby set off on their pirate ship in a hunt for a buried treasure. Rusty and the Mouse Problem When Frankie's robo-mouse accidentally gets copied dozens of times, it is up to Rusty and Ruby to round up the little critters before they take over Sparkton Hills."
"Rusty vs. the Robo Squirrel The robotic squirrel Rusty made to keep Bytes occupied goes rogue and swipes all the nuts and bolts from things all over town and causing things to fall apart Rusty's Day of the Drones Frankie Fritz uses a handful of homemade drones to swipe Rusty and Ruby's mega battery."
"Fix It 500 Frankie Fritz challenges Rusty and Ruby to a multistage race around Sparkton Hills, with the Mobile Rivet Lab as the stakes Ice Ice Rusty Rusty and Ruby try to save the school's art fair from being frozen over by Frankie Fritz and his modified Skunk-bot."
"Frankie's Botasaur New neighbor Frankie Fritz bot-naps Botasaur, making Rusty and Ruby go on a chase to get their friend back Rusty's Mega Stacker Rusty builds a machine that makes and stacks sand blocks, to help Liam build a giant sandcastle."
"Rusty's Monkey Business When Ranger Anna gets stuck in a tree while observing monkeys, Rusty and Ruby make a monkey of their own to save her... Botarilla! Rusty's Snow Problem"
"Rusty's Piggy Bank Heist Rusty forgets the code to his robotic piggy bank, activating its self-defense mode and turning it into a runaway robotic boar. Rusty's Whale of a Problem Rusty and Ruby must save a baby whale that's been beached during a storm and reunite it with her family."
"When Ranger Anna crash lands her planes in the distant savannah, Rusty and Ruby realize they need a new vehicle that can not only travel the distance, but aid them in their builds. Thus, the Mobile Rivet Lab is born!"
"Ruby's Comet Adventure Ruby wants to see a comet fly by, and Rusty will do everything in his power to make sure his friend's wish comes true! Rusty's Messy Mishap Rusty and Ruby race to fix a leaking underwater oil pipeline before it pollutes the lake and makes it uninhabitable."
Season 1 - Rusty Rivets