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Some Assembly Required

When fourteen-year-old Jarvis Raines gets a chemistry set from his Aunt Marlene for Christmas, he assumes it's just another boring gift. Boy is he wrong! The contents create a chemical reaction that destroys his houseso much for a Merry Christmas! After getting not even an apology from the manufacturer, Knickknack Toys, Jarvis takes them to court, wins, and ends up owning the company!

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 6

Season 2 - Some Assembly Required
"After lying to Piper by telling her that Jarvis is in love with her, Bowie struggles to keep Jarvis and Piper apart before Piper spills the beans and Bowie gets caught in his lie."
"When Jarvis discovers Geneva is a K-Kube puzzle-solving wiz, he seizes the opportunity to boost K-Kube sales by holding a competition between Geneva and Kubot, the robot designed to solve the cube puzzle in record time."
"When Hollywood starlet Jazlyn Simms drops by Knickknack to meet the designer behind her doll's dresses, Jarvis takes credit for designs that aren't his."
"Piper updates one of the Shnorfs, a gnome-like figurine, by making it walk, talk, and giving it Jarvis's personality. Soon Piper realizes she can use Shnorf Jarvis to figure out how to make the real Jarvis fall in love with her."
"After accidentally trapping Mmmboing, the gang decides to launch him into outer space and finally be rid of him forever. Once the mission is a success, Jarvis realizes they have a great toy on their hands: Rocket with a Pocket, the time capsule that can send your favourite object into space. But when a kid uses the toy to launch her baby sister into space, the gang has to figure out a way to retrieve the rocket before it's too late."
"The founder of building block company. Snappo, visits Knickknack and says he wants Jarvis to take over his empire. But is Tobias Blaabjerg everything he seems?"
"Dissatisfied with how she's treated, Piper goes undercover as a blonde to prove it's really true that blondes have more fun."
"Knickknack releases a new toy: Greedy Pig, the piggy bank that makes saving fun. But when the gang discovers the money that kids are saving in their Greedy Pigs is somehow disappearing, it's time for a stakeout to find the thief."
"When Candace vows to send a safety inspector to inspect Knickknack Toys, Jarvis goes above and beyond with his safety protocols. But the one thing he didn't account for was an out-of-control man-eating toy dough."
"The news that a vintage toy worth a million dollars is hidden somewhere in their building unleashes "gold fever" among the Knickknack gang."
"When Jarvis and Bowie post a video of Aster wearing a high-fashion fur suit and digging through a dumpster online, viewers mistake Aster for the legendary, mythological cryptid creature, "Littlefoot." With Littlefoot mania in full swing, Jarvis creates a line of Littlefoot toys, planning to promote them by making more videos of Aster without his knowing. But when Littlefoot toy sales drop, Jarvis decides it's time to up the ante by staging, and recording, a Littlefoot attack."
"When Jarvis branches out into the mattress business, he accidentally lands Knickknack in a war with local business rival, Mel's Mattress Kingdom."
"Piper starts a band at Knickknack. But when she loses creative control of the project to Geneva, she ends up quitting her own band."
"Knickknack holds an event to release limited-edition Samurai Salamander toys in conjunction with the release of the blockbuster movie, and one young, die-hard fan is convinced Jarvis and the gang in costume are the real Salamanders. When the kid has his limited-edition toy stolen by a bully and asks the Samurai Salamanders if they'll get it back, they have no choice but to agree. But they soon discover this so-called bully is actually a full-grown biker, with full-grown biker friends, who have plans to make Knickknack their new hangout."
"When Mrs. Bubkes realizes the kids are always willing to help out a pregnant woman, she fakes a pregnancy - leading the gang to want to meet Mr. Bubkes."
"To promote Ruff Rider, the ride-on car for dogs, Jarvis holds a dog competition. But when the prize turns out to be a dog collar worn by one of Piper's favorite punk singers, she is willing to do anything to get that collar - even compete in the Knickknack Toys Dogcathlon."
"When Mrs. Bubkes is named Vice-President of Knickknack Toys, Candace attempts to use the opportunity to sabotage their latest toy release and take down the company for good."