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The Berenstain Bears

The Berenstain Bears is an Australian-American co-produced animated television series based on Stan and Jan Berenstain's Berenstain Bears children's book series, produced by DIC Entertainment, Hanna-Barbera and Southern Star Productions. It aired on the United States from September 14, 1985 until March 7, 1987 on CBS with over 52 11-minute episodes in 26 half-hour shows produced. Each show consisted of two episodes, the first being an adaptation of one of the books, the second being an original story. The series was nominated in 1987 for a Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Performer in Children's Programming; it was also nominated that year for a Humanitas Prize in the category of Non-Prime Time Children's Animated Show. Reruns aired briefly on TLC's Ready Set Learn block from September 28 to November 13, 1998 when a contract dispute forced TLC to pull the show off the schedule. During the early 2000s, reruns were later seen as part of a kids' programming block from DiC Entertainment on the now-defunct UPN, but the episodes were edited and time-compressed by DiC.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1985

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - The Berenstain Bears
"Papa Bear's favorite blackberry honey disappears, and he starts accusing everyone in town, so the Bear Detectives set out to find the culprit. He soon discovers he was the one who ate all of the honey in his sleep."
"After Papa Bear explains about the rules with strangers, Brother decides to only talk to strangers with radio-controlled airplanes and Sister is suddenly scared of everything, viewing all strangers as ominous. But soon, Moma brins some reassuring common sense to the problem, and resolve the children's disputes."
"McGreedy Weasel and Raffish Ralph hypnotize Bigpaw Bear into attacking Bear Town. But, Brother and Sister break the spell in a flash. They know you can't make someone do something they really don't want to do!"
"Sister Bear can run faster, climb higher, and hit a ball farther than the boys, and she gloats over it. So Brother Bear and his friends build a clubhouse for boys only, and when Sister discovers this, she plans a terrible revenge on the boys."
"Papa Bear tries to help three scouts earn their rescue merit badges, but the only one he can find that needs rescuing is himself."
"Sister's big, noisy sixth-birthday party is considered, ""Too Much Birthday"", and her sympathetic parents help her realize the true importance of having a birthday."
"After the Woodchuck family moves out of a nearby burrow, the Berenstain Bears despair of having good neighbors when the Beaver and Rabbit families reject the home and it subsequently falls into disrepair. Pa, Brother, and Sister Bear are skeptical when a skunk moves into the dilapidated burrow, but Mama Bear insists the Berenstain family help the skunk fix up his new home. As it turns out, Brother Bear soon discovers that it's very beneficial to have a skunk as a friend."
"Papa Bear makes such a big kite for the kite flying contest that it carries him away and into a hang-gliding contest."
"Raffish Ralph gathers up a vicious team of Termites, and uses them to sell termite insurance scam, after destroying other bear's property. And the first Bear who was attacked was Papa Bear, and Brother and Sister Bear pursure in trying to bring Ralph to justice."
"Brother and Sister's room is a mess, and Mam Bear's solution is to throw everything unnecessary out, but Papa Bear stops her, offering a different solution. Brother and Sister Bear learn a proper technique to clean up their rooms efficiently and quickly."