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The Brokenwood Mysteries

In a seemingly quiet country town the newest resident, Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd, finds that murder lurks in even the most homely location.

Duration: 120 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 7.8

Season 6 - The Brokenwood Mysteries
"When an animal activist is killed on the first day of duck hunting season, Mike and the team must determine whether it was an accidental shooting, or something more sinister"
"World-renowned crime-writing author Jack Rudd visits Brokenwood to give a reading at the local book club from his latest novel ‘Knife in the Back’.He visits – but never leaves, falling victim to a method of murder portrayed in his own book. Jack was a literary rock star – tall, dark and sexually magnetic – and it transpires he cut quite a swathe through the womenfolk of Brokenwood before he met his demise. And one woman in particular has a close personal connection to DSS Mike Shepherd.When Mike and his team delve into the backstory of the book club members it is quickly revealed all of them knew Jack and all had an axe to grind or – was it a knife – in the back?"
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