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The Expecting

Follow the dark journey of a young woman down on her luck and pregnant under mysterious circumstances. She must deal with the increasingly disturbing effects of her pregnancy and the potential conspiracy surrounding it.

Genre: Horror

Actor: AnnaSophia Robb , Mira Sorvino , Rory Culkin , Daniel K. Isaac



Duration: NA

Quality: HD

Release: 2020

IMDb: 6.5

Season 1 - The Expecting
"Emma goes into labor after running into the woods. When she learns the truth, will she be able to save her baby? Or herself?"
"Emma attempts to get an abortion to end her suffering. But when the procedure goes awry, she suspects that everyone is out to get her."
"After a daring escape, Emma runs to her father for help and learns more about her mother. She’s ready to risk everything to escape a similar fate."
"Emma is detained in Dr. Green’s office due to a problem with her pregnancy. Faced with serious doubt, she’ll do anything necessary to escape."
"Emma meets with another girl experiencing similar symptoms to hear her story. When she returns to the woods to look for answers, her paranoia starts to grow stronger."
"Emma tells Ty about her mom’s schizophrenia. After having a strange flashback during a moment of intimacy, Emma starts to question her own sanity."
"After an altercation with her dog, Emma starts having terrifying nightmares. Could they be a warning of what’s to come?"
"Emma is getting her life in gear. New job. New car. But whatever is inside of her seems hell-bent on keeping her off track."
"Emma does her best to prepare for motherhood, including taking up swimming. But something sinister may be lurking within the water."
"Emma visits her father for help in dealing with her pregnancy, but a trip to the doctor’s office forces her to open her mind about how to handle the situation."
"Emma wakes up alone. In the woods. With no clothes on. When she finds something is wrong, she sets out to discover what she can’t remember."