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There She Goes

A young girl with a learning disability makes her way through life.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 8.1

Season 1 - There She Goes
"Simon's mom and stepdad have come to stay. They want to take Ben back down to Devon for three weeks in the summer, which causes Simon and Emily to wonder why they are not willing to take Rosie. While Simon and Emily enjoy a rare night out at the pub, at home Rosie successfully has her tea, enjoys a chaos-free bath and goes to bed without an iPad. When Simon and Emily return home they realise that something has gone wrong and some truths are revealed. In the earlier timeline, Simon and Emily take the kids to Grandad John's for Christmas, but their relationship is at breaking point. As Emily sinks to her lowest point, it's Grandad John who finally gives her the support she needs."
"A trip to Rosie's favourite place, the swimming pool, ends in disaster when she decides she hates it. Emily begins to wonder if it's just that Rosie wanted to do something else. Simon goes off to take pictures of all the places they regularly visit to put together a booklet. Rosie types 'onetwoman', which Emily and Ben try to cross-reference with her iPad to figure out what it means. In the earlier timeline, Emily's academic nature and desire for answers is yielding much less success. At their first appointment with a genetics doctor, she finds him a like-minded soul who seems to view Rosie as a problem to be solved."
"It's bath night for Rosie and, as usual, that means chaos as she insists on using all of the bubble bath. Emily strategizes that she can trick Rosie into getting out by putting the bubble bath tantalizingly out of reach, then leaves the bathroom and secretly waits outside to pounce. Rosie falls for it, and Emily wins this round of 'bubble chess'. But the game of 'bubble chess' swings back and forth and becomes more complex as Rosie works out what is going on and how to stay one step ahead of her mum. It ends in bubble-filled carnage as both Simon and Emily battle to get an unwilling and slippery girl out of the bath. In the earlier timeline, Emily struggles to connect with Rosie, whereas Simon has a bonding moment when she does the biggest poo he's ever seen. Tensions build between them over whether, given a magic wand, they would change Rosie."
"It's a typical Saturday for the family, one which revolves around trying to get Rosie, a nine-year-old girl with a learning disability, to do simple things - go to the park for some fresh air, eat her dinner, go to bed. She refuses to cooperate and leaves a trail of destruction in her wake, ramping up her father Simon's stress, who in his short-sighted attempts to get her to go to sleep too early only makes things worse. As Simon and his wife Emily are later distracted, Rosie causes carnage in the kitchen. An earlier timeline shows how Simon and Emily first confront ..."