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Ultimate Supercar

Today's high-end high-performance Supercars are an amazing combination of art and science. Super Car Build finds out how they do it and goes behind the scenes at some of the most legendary automotive marques to discover the hidden engineering secrets and keys to each machine's success.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Jack Stewart , Jason Cammisa , Luca Dal Monte


Country: USA

Duration: 44 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2020

IMDb: 4.6

Season 1 - Ultimate Supercar
"As always in the automotive world, Porsche is racing the clock and their competitors to introduce a new vehicle. Except that in this case they ditch petrol in favour of their very first fully electric vehicle. Few vehicles in the automotive industry have been as important or had as much riding on their success as the Taycan."
"The Pagani Huayra Roadster, has be called by some, a beautiful sculpture and an automotive masterpiece. This vehicle is built for high performance and tries hard to defeat at least some of the basic laws of physics."
"The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is the loudest boldest supercar to come from the factory, and it may be the last naturally aspirated V12 engined car to be designed, engineered, and manufactured by Lamborghini in Sant A'gata Bolognese, Italy."
"For over fifteen years, the Bently Continental GT has been a favorite of millionaires, athletes, rappers, and high powered business men. Now it is time to re imagine the high end luxury tourer and develop a new third generation model."
"Ferrari want to be on top again. To do this they need a versatile new machine. The launch of the Ferrari Portofino, takes up the challenge of replacing the previous bestselling car the iconic firm has produced."
"It is a time when Aston Martin cannot afford to make any mistakes. They are the last true independent brand trying to stay alive in a world of conglomerates and franchises. They need a flagship car - a halo machine - the DBS Superleggera."